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You've spent months planning your wedding and you've dreamed about it for as long as you can remember, and now the time has come to plan your honeymoon vacation. What is your idea of honeymoon paradise and where in the world are you going to go?  This is the time for the two of you to get away from it all -- and focus on your life together.  More importantly, whom are you going to consult with to plan it? After all, where you go to plan it is just as important as where you go.

At Spears Travel / Travel Leaders one of our expert honeymoon consultants will meet with you at your convenience, to discuss your special desires and to help you customize the details of your honeymoon travel plans. Because no matter what exotic country or resort you choose to visit, it's your honeymoon and it must be perfect for both of you.

Destination Weddings:

Have you dreamed of walking together to the altar barefoot on a tropical beach? How about at sea aboard a luxury cruise ship? These are both examples of "destination weddings". What is a "destination wedding" and is it right for you? In its most basic form, a destination wedding simply involves getting married away from home. In most cases, the setting is quite intimate as only close friends and family are asked to attend. Popular spots include Hawaii, the Caribbean, Luxury Cruise Ships, Italy, France, Fiji and, of course, Las Vegas!

Is a destination wedding right for you? It may be if…

You intend on inviting a small group of people

Your invitees live out of town and/or are dispersed around the country

You are interested in a nontraditional wedding experience

The idea of combining your wedding and honeymoon sounds appealing

If this sounds like you, a destination wedding could be just the ticket! But, where do you begin? Easy, just call to speak with our Destination Wedding specialist!

Our professional staff assures that every detail of your wedding celebration and honeymoon will be even more perfect than you ever dreamed it could be.

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