2021 Total Eclipse Cruise on the Scenic Eclipse
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Day 1
Sun, 21 Nov -
Buenos Aires
Latin passion and European Romance define the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, a dynamic mecca known for its wide-ranging architectural styles

, contemporary and historic arts, and culinary pleasures and parrillas (steakhouses).

Day 2 Mon, 22 Nov Buenos Aires Ushuaia (B,D)

Fly from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Ushuaia, where you’ll board Scenic Eclipse. Within the Tierro del Fuego archipelago, adventurers flock to Ushuaia for its excellent hiking, sailing and kayaking.

Day 3  Tue, 23 Nov At sea (B,L,D)

Make yourself at home on board Scenic Eclipse, where luxury is almost limitless.  As we sail south, wildlife spotting opportunities abound; our Discovery Team will be out on deck looking for albatross, prions,

and petrels that follow the ship and they will begin their lectures on history and geology of the Falkland Islands and the Southern Ocean.

Day 4 Wed, 24 Nov Falkland Islands (B,L,D)

Remote and sparsely populated, Falkland Islands is a wildlife lovers paradise.  We will visit a number of the outer islands, where large colonies of penguins and albatross thrive.
Fur seals and elephant seals scatter sandy beaches; while the surrounding waters are home to whales and dolphins.
We will visit the very British capital, Stanley and its small but thriving community.

Day 5 Thu, 25 Nov Falkland Islands (B,L,D)

Continue to explore the Falkland Islands.

Day 6 Fri, 26 Nov At sea (B,L,D)

Sailing towards South Georgia gives us time to slow to the rhythm of the sea. There will be plenty of time to simply relax and be entranced by the many seabirds we’ll encounter on our way.
You may decide to join the avid whale watchers hoping to get a glimpse of leviathan, or simply contemplate the vastness of the sea.

Day 7 Sat, 27 Nov South Georgia (B,L,D)

South Georgia is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The island is a tiny speck in the vastness of the South Atlantic Ocean, one of the most remote parts of our planet. A 3,000-metre mountain range forms the spine of this long, narrow island.
Between the mountains, shattered glaciers carve their way through tussock grass to the deeply indented coastline.
Despite being such a small outpost in the vastness of the south Atlantic, the sea around South Georgia is one of the most productive areas on Earth.
The abundant marine life supports millions of seals, whales, penguins and other seabirds.

Elephant Island. The island from which Shackelton and five of his crew sailed in the James Caird for 16 days and 1,300 kilometres and finally found safety in the tiny entrance of Cave Cove.
This epic story of survival began with the sinking of his ship, the Endurance, in the Weddell Sea, six months earlier.
As we explore South Georgia, we will have the opportunity to reflect on Shackleton’s epic journey.

Day 8 Sun, 28 Nov South Georgia (B,L,D) Explore South Georgia

Day 9 Mon, 29 Nov South Georgia (B,L,D) Explore South Georgia.

Day 10Tue, 30 Nov South Georgia (B,L,D) Explore South Georgia.

Day 11 Wed, 01 Dec South Georgia (B,L,D) Explore South Georgia.

Day 12 Thu, 02 Dec At sea (B,L,D)

Time spent at sea is yours to do with as you please. Our world-class amenities are certain to keep you busy, from the on board theatre and Spa Sanctuary,
to wonderful dining experience. Spot icebergs and marine life from the comfort of your private verandah.

Day 13 Fri, 03 Dec Antarctic Peninsula (B,L,D)

The Antarctic Peninsula contains some of the world’s most impressive scenery and wildlife. A network of channels surrounded by towering mountain peaks covered in snow and enormous glaciers abound. 
Waters rich with krill are home to whales, penguins and seals – alive, rich and thriving with activity – there is no place on the planet like Antarctica.

Day 14 Sat, 04 Dec Antarctic Peninsula (B,L,D) Explore the Antarctic Peninsula.
(ECLIPSE DAY) - Ship will be able to go to the best viewing spot!

Day 15 Sun, 05 Dec Antarctic Peninsula (B,L,D) Explore the Antarctic Peninsula.

Day 16 Mon, 06 Dec Antarctic Peninsula (B,L,D) Explore the Antarctic Peninsula.

Day 17 Tue, 07 Dec Antarctic Peninsula (B,L,D) Explore the Antarctic Peninsula.

Day 18 Wed, 08 Dec At sea (B,L,D)

As we head north to Ushuaia, we have time to reflect on our experience of a lifetime, knowledge garnered from our Discovery team and the unsurpassed luxury of Scenic Eclipse.

Day 19 Thu, 09 Dec At sea (B,L,D) A day at sea.

Day 20 Fri, 10 Dec Ushuaia, Argentina > Buenos Aires (B)

It’s time to say farewell to your new found friends and the crew before your flight back to Buenos Aires.

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